About Us

Ampang Superbowl Malaysia owned and managed by Royel Departmental Stores Sdn Bhd, which is a part of Nadin Group of Companies. It started operations in 1994 and has since branched out its operations from the retail sector into the bowling industry under its current trading name - Ampang Superbowl.

The first bowling centre opened in Ampang Point Shopping Centre in 2000 and since Royel Departmental Stores Sdn Bhd has fast expanded into Malaysia's largest chain of bowling centres. To date, the company owns and operates 11 bowling centres with 384 lanes in 7 states throughout Malaysia with over 300 staffs.

These bowling centres have been the venue for many state, national and international tournaments. All the bowling equipment at the bowling centres are of the highest quality and standard. The company invests generously into both the improvement and the upkeep of the bowling equipment at all of their operating centres.

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